Craig Trafford


Certified Stress Reduction Trainer
Reg’d. Educational-Kinesiology Consultant
Reg’d. AAMET EFT Practitioner
Performer, Writer, Facilitator, Coach.
Extensively experienced in Mainstream, Special, Holistic and Community Education, Personal Development and Professional Trainer for Social and Health Care Sectors since 1993; Energy Therapy Practitioner since 1982.

Not in the future, not when you’ve done a whole series of complicated habit re-forming exercises and read countless self-growth books cover-to-cover. 

But differences you can notice and feel right now. 

He helps you to get from where you are to where you want to be by showing you how to get results and changes starting now!

Learn through simple, small, daily actions to
Effectively Attract 
           * Prosperity
           * Wellbeing
           * Results You Desire in ANY area of your life!

Individual & Group Sessions
Energetics Coaching is offered in set or bespoke Programmes and delivered through a variety of media including
* In person
* By Telephone
* Via Zoom
* Through Email
* Home Study Courses

Craig has worked extensively with Therapeutic and Educational teams developing  Therapeutic Music and Sensory Integration Programmes in the areas of Learning  Difficulties, Moderate to Profound Disability, Emotional and Behavioural  Difficulties, Mental Health and Social Care, and EYFS in Education.

 Craig is a co-Author of the OCN Accredited Training programme – ‘Applying Creativity in Social Care’ and a trainer of teachers, childcare practitioners, parents and young people [performing arts & personal development].

 As a Kinesiologist and EFT Practitioner Craig is dedicated to helping clients remove limiting beliefs and emotional/mental obstructions to personal and professional success.

 He ran 800 metres and 110 metre hurdles at County Level for Greater Manchester as a young athlete but preferred cross country and 1500 metres! This experience gave him valuable insight into the mental and emotional requirements  of sportspeople.

Craig has owned a successful Music and Childhood Development Company since  the mid 1990s in both the UK and Ireland which positions him very well for understanding the rigours of business.

However, with EFT it is not necessary for the practitioner to be well versed  in any specific field as they are trained to work towards helping clients get relief and resolution on obstructive  emotional, mental and physiological issues.  

*Fully Professional and PLI Insured.
*Enhanced DBS Checked.  
*Member of AAMET, EKT and Sound Sense.

* Energetics Coaching is for you if you are personally or professionally suffering from intense or long-standing stressful issues such as:
– Fears
– Phobias
– Anxiety  & Panic Symptoms
– Low Self-Confidence
– Poor Performance in Work or Sport,
and much more… 

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