Trafford Craig

Energy MUST Flow!

To All Movers, Shakers and Fearless Mistake Makers, “Energy MUST Flow.” I have said this many times in my own Energy classes or when treating people using Kinesiology and other forms of Energy Healing. For decades I previously educated teachers and parents, through my ‘learning-through-music’ programs, how to support their children to learn and grow freely entirely as themselves. But what does “Energy MUST […]

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Your Summer 2024 Super Subscriptions Offer Calm & Thrive ClassesYour Transformations – Simpler Want the huge benefits of joining our subscription options? All the details are below for you. EXCLUSIVEAny forthcoming price rises will not affect you – ever – when you take up one of the Subscriptions outlined below. Silver VIP Annual Subscription £497

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De-Stressing Experiences

De-Stressing Experiences Example De-Stressing Experiences for You All of these activities and experiences listed below can help you quickly achieve calm, relaxation and deeper sleep. Get in touch to book your De-Stressing experience Calming EFT-Tapping Videos Calming Mindfulness Meditation Audios Kum Nye Relaxing Self-Massage Video Series Calming, Relaxing Facial plus Kum Nye Face Self Massage

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