Energy MUST Flow!

To All Movers, Shakers and Fearless Mistake Makers, “Energy MUST Flow.” I have said this many times in my own Energy classes or when treating people using Kinesiology and other forms of Energy Healing. For decades I previously educated teachers and parents, through my ‘learning-through-music’ programs, how to support their children to learn and grow freely entirely as themselves. But what does “Energy MUST […]

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Your Easter 2024 Super Subscriptions Offer Calm & Thrive Classes Your Transformations – Simpler Want the huge benefits of joining our subscription options? All the details are below for you. EXCLUSIVE This EASTER 2024 Offer is Only Open to Current Clients, Customers and Our Newsletter Subscribers who are not yet Classes Members. Any forthcoming price

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De-Stressing Experiences

De-Stressing Experiences Example De-Stressing Experiences for You All of these activities and experiences listed below can help you quickly achieve calm, relaxation and deeper sleep. Get in touch to book your De-Stressing experience Calming EFT-Tapping Videos Calming Mindfulness Meditation Audios Kum Nye Relaxing Self-Massage Video Series Calming, Relaxing Facial plus Kum Nye Face Self Massage

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