Colour Image Consulting

Are You in a Dilemma about what colours will;
- drain your skin of tone
- wipe you of your identity
- feed you
- and make you look amazing?

If you want to truly look and feel confident in yourself and the image you present to the world then look no further than your clothing colours.

Come and see me, qualified Colour Analysis Consultant, Paula Trafford, for a Colour Analysis session and I will use my extensive colour ranges to show you which colours will present the very best of you on any occasion.



Do you look and feel better in warm or cool colours?



Are you bright and bold or soft and sensual with a daring dash of dark? 

Finally you'll be able to design your wardrobe in a way that you know for certain will work with you and not against you.

The sad reality is, some of those colours which you’ve deemed to be your favourites could be doing you no favours at all!


Whilst you may have been passing on other colours that can make you shine throughout the summer, look classy in the evening, formidable in business, and feel great at any time.


Being confident in colours that you know are yours makes a huge difference to how you feel in yourself and in public.


Needless to say, but I’ll say it anyway, sessions fill up fast so if you have an important impending event to attend and you simply must look your incredible best,

contact me to book your look!



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