De-Stressing Experiences

Example De-Stressing Experiences for You

All of these activities and experiences listed below can help you quickly achieve calm, relaxation and deeper sleep.

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Calming EFT-Tapping Videos

Calming Mindfulness Meditation Audios

Kum Nye Relaxing Self-Massage Video Series

Calming, Relaxing Facial plus Kum Nye Face Self Massage

Autogenic Training – Progressive Muscular Self-Generated Relaxations

EFT Tapping for Calming Anxiety and Stress – 1-1 or Group Sessions

Kum Nye Tibetan Yoga, Mindfulness, Breathing, Relaxation and Meditations

Kum Nye Self-Massage Classes

Kinesiology Self-Muscle Testing for Foods that Calm You Best

Kinesiology Self-Muscle Testing for Activities that Calm You Best

Sleep Deeper after Kum Nye

Flexibility and Stress-Softening Pilates to Help You Sleep Deeper

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