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Overcome ‘Pandemic Flux’-Related Mental Health Issues
with Wonderful Wellbeing Programmes
for Teachers, Students and Support Staff

Have you noticed in your faculty or students any of the following increased behavioural issues since the advent of the pandemic:


  • ·      Apathy?
  • ·      Stagnated growth in personal and academic efforts?
  • ·      Poor or low motivation?
  • ·      Don’t care as much as they did either about the future, their education, relationships or careers?
  • ·      Nervous stomach?
  • ·      Increased anxiety levels?
  • ·      Increased incidences or experiences of depression?
  • ·      Reduced attention and interest in topics, subjects or work?
  • ·      Just can’t be bothered about anything much?
  • ·      Pessimistic outlook?
  • ·      Fear and Phobia?
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In any college or educational institution there are 3 crucial keys to success:


1                Student Wellbeing IS the college wellbeing.
2               Student progress and Results are the college results.
3               Results are inextricably linked to wellbeing in education, the  economy and life.


Across the world, children and young people are now physiologically suffering in ways that we could not have imagined before the Covid pandemic.



Prior to 2020 many of us working in the Education sector had noticed a ‘creeping crisis’ of increased high needs, anxieties and depression in students across the board. 



Often, teachers, whose job is simply to teach, had become increasingly embroiled in ‘fire-fighting’ behaviours and motivational ‘coaching’ where before we may have seen a more attentive cohort of curious, confident learners.



The pandemic not only highlights the existence of these core issues in our public and private education systems, it has rapidly exacerbated them.



So now we have teachers who are diverted from teaching into ‘second parenting,’ ‘nursing’ ‘buddying’ ‘counselling’ and ‘repairing self-esteem.’



Having a combined 70+ years extensive experience in the Wellbeing and Education sectors we at Trafford House Calm Centre are well placed to support teachers, staff and students through these extraordinarily difficult times with our bespoke wellbeing programmes.



Our Wellbeing programmes soothe and calm stress and anxiety whilst improving emotional health and physical wellbeing, supporting those areas that impact on positive mental health.



In this way, we have found less mental resistance to relieving stress-based issues, improving holistic wellness areas, and progressing personal development. 

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So, who do we address with our Wellbeing support programmes – both online and in person, and, more importantly – Why?


 Initially we connect with the people who know best the overall wellbeing picture in your facility. That’s you, the HR Director or lead.

‘Education Support’   Video: Staff Wellbeing: Ecological Framework  

Compromised staff wellbeing levels and low KPI’s are simply unsustainable. Addressing them quickly, efficiently and effectively is key, and significantly influences student welfare.


We help solve these issues as our recent commission from Herefordshire and Ludlow College HR Department shows. 


We supplied ‘Phase One Intervention’ Functional  Pilates videos to positively impact the wellbeing of desk and chair-impacted staff members and faculty – including home desk working. A simple and instantly measurable suite of wellbeing solutions.

We Create Bespoke Wellbeing Programmes for You
Focusing on Emotional-Mental and Physical Practices
That Positively Impact Holistic Wellbeing

Contents are drawn from proven effective practices and methods: 
  • Stress Management and Autogenic Training. 
  • Functional Pilates.
  • Mindfulness. 
  • Relaxation. 
  • Movement Meditation 
  • Kinesiology and Emotional Wellness.
  • All programmes are accessible with built-in progression at all levels.  
  • Your Needs Assessment will provide the basis for programmes
  • Optional Support programmes for individuals and groups are offered to run concurrently with the programme

Delivery Options

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