To All Movers, Shakers and Fearless Mistake Makers,


“Energy MUST Flow.”




I have said this many times in my own Energy classes or when treating people using Kinesiology and other forms of Energy Healing


For decades I previously educated teachers and parents, through my ‘learning-through-music’ programs, how to support their children to learn and grow freely entirely as themselves.


But what does “Energy MUST Flow” actually mean?


Well, as those who come to our classes know, because we’ve repeated it to them ad nauseam over the years, if you are feeling low, depressed, stuck, frozen, stagnant, unsuccessful, unable to make clear decisions, unfulfilled, lacking joy, or indeed lacking anything, your energy is simply not flowing properly.


The subtle energy in your body, known as chi, or prana, or life force, must always move, because movement IS life. 


If your blood energy stops moving, you die.


If your breath energy stops moving, you die.

If your lymphatic system energy – contained in the 16 pints of lymphatic fluid we have inside us – grows stagnant, so do we.


If your electrical energy stops firing and wiring throughout your nervous system, you head towards atrophy very quickly.


If your chemical energy grinds to a halt, so do you.


And if your cerebrospinal fluid [found in the brain and spine of ALL vertebrates] decided to take a movement holiday, it would be goodbye to the rest of your body too.


Some of this energy we cannot see; such as Chi, Life force, Prana or subtle energy. But we can’t see electricity or gravity either –  we can only know them by their effects.



Science cannot explain what gravity or electricity are. Yet we use their energy.


The flow of life force throughout our bodily energy systems is essential for life. So when we learn activities that help to stimulate the flow, or balance of these energies we become well, we begin to flourish and thrive in good health, wellbeing and joy.



As you can see, there are many different energy systems that flow in a continuous dance of life throughout our physiology.


Here is a little of what Kum Nye Tibetan Yoga Master, Tarthang Tulku, has to say on the topic:


“When energies flow smoothly, we have access to all the energy we could hope for. The body becomes healthy and mind clear. When this flow of energy is active and balanced, it regenerates every aspect of our bodies, minds and senses, continuously increasing our mental and physical vitality.”


(Notice there is no mention of ‘energy scarcity.’ Energy, in all its forms, is abundantly available throughout the whole universe at all times to all beings)


“Low energy shows up in many different ways; lack of determination, holding back, refusal to commit to goals, difficulty in saying ‘Yes!’ to what is happening, wasting energy. Because of this there is a fear of scarcity of energy supply, no available gut energy, a lack of real enjoyment and satisfaction.


The answer is that we need to learn to stimulate energy, ensuring energy can flow without interruption, circulating freely and recycling the flow of energy through the body centres.


Energy becomes clearer, cleaner and has more vitality. It is safe to say that stress, confusion, feelings of numbness and neediness are a result of low energy or intermittent flow.


Stimulating energy is making the energy flow self-sustaining.


Resolve to make your energy higher.


As feelings are channeled through our senses all sensations and feelings become vibrant and alive, much richer. Our whole body grows saturated with this quality of joyful vitality & becomes profoundly wholesome.”

*         *         *

Let’s reiterate; there is NO scarcity of energy anywhere in the universe, and that includes planet Earth and your own being.


There are, of course, unhealthy and healthy ways to stimulate energy flow throughout your body.


We ourselves like to teach the healthy, wellbeing approaches. 


The simplest way to stimulate energy flow through your body and being is to think of something or someone and feel either appreciation, gratitude, care, compassion or love.


Another very simple a quick energy stimulator is to take a deep breath – let it fill your lungs completely, then release.


We have lots and lots of legal, wholesome, fun, deep, meaningful and fulfilling energy stimulations (and relaxations) in our classes and forthcoming courses.


Hopefully you now have some idea of why we keep saying, “Energy MUST Flow.”


Next time you feel slow, sluggish, low, unwell, not right, stagnant, remember that your energy needs to flow. You don’t need to be over- vigorous, especially if you feel somewhat depleted. You simply need to do something to get your energy flowing again.


This flow IS life.

If you want more of it, more meaning and fulfilment as a result of it, practice daily and watch your life transform for the better. It cannot help but do so.


Blissings and Blessings,
Paula  and Craig Xx

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