Moon Gathering Women's Circle
Cassandra Eve - Astrologer

About Cassandra Eve:




Since awakening in the late 1980’s astrology has been one of the maps that has guided me in self-discovery, spirituality and growing consciousness. That journey has been supported by Masters and Mothers, living in cultures different to that of my birth, training in astrology and various other therapeutic modalities and living for twenty years in community, including a tantric community in the UK and New Zealand. 



Astrology has been my companion for more than 30 years, as has empowering women’s conscious journey.



I am utterly inspired to still be discovering the wondrous mystery that we are as human beings and to support those who find me in the possibilities of our healing journey to awakened consciousness. My life is dedicated to walking side by side into healing and deeper embodiment with those who are inspired to connect with me. 



The dance of the Sacred Feminine energies is a potent aspect of this journey. Connection into their love, wisdom and fierce grace, is especially nourishing and empowering for women, opening up the discovery of a tangible deep and rich foundation for embodiment, living truth in an ordinary yet extraordinary way.

Monthly Online Moon Gatherings

Sacred Feminine Healing Circle for Women
Aligning with The Moon Cycle 

Monthly online at the New Moon 

with Cassandra Eve & Paula Trafford

We invite you to join us in our 90 minute Sacred Feminine Healing Circle held monthly at the New Moon. 


We gather to activate the seeds of the new cycle with intention and love, to share deep nourishment, to receive insight into the energetic themes of the cycle and deeply embody new consciousness with an activation into the new frequencies emerging with the Moon.


In these times of great change, we all need space & support to stay centred, grounded and connected. 


Connecting with and understanding the cycle of the Moon, flowing from New to Full to New every 29.5 days is a powerful reflection of the rhythms of our inner lives, our feelings, our reactions, and how we express our most intimate sense of self. the Moon cycle is not only inctircately connected to women’s menstrual cycle, but how we feel about ourselves, how we relate and express in the most personal aspects of our lives. Becoming conscious of the energetic nuances as the Moon flows through each zodiac sign deepens our understanding of how are intimately connected with all of nature and the universal cycles. It grows consciousness in self-live and nurturing support for our self, aligning our self-expression with new incoming frequencies. 


Join us! 


Emerge refreshed and renewed, ready to engage the next Moon cycle in your life from a deeper conscious space. 


Sacred Feminine Healing Circle Dates 2024


Thursday 8 February 19.00 GMT  (New Moon is 9th)

New Moon in Aquarius – Weaving Finer Light Frequencies


Sunday 10 March 19.00 GMT 

New Moon in Pisces – Living with Grounded Soulfulness

Monday 8 April 19.00 BSTSolar

Eclipse in Aries – The Courage to Fully Be You


Tuesday 7 May 19.00 BST 

New Moon in Taurus – Deeply Nourishing your Body & Earth


Thursday 6 June 19.00 BST 

New Moon in Gemini – The Dance of Light & Dark


Friday 5 July 19.00 BST 

New Moon in Cancer – Feeling, Being, Belonging


Sunday 4 August 19.00 BST 

New Moon in Leo – Feeding your Heart’s Passions  


Tuesday 3 September 19.00 BST 

New Moon in Virgo – Purifying Body-Mind-Soul Alignment


Wednesday 2 October 19.00 BST  

Solar Eclipse in Libra – The Challenge of Conscious Relating


Friday 1 November 19.00 GMT 

New Moon in Scorpio – Deeply Rooted in Presence


Monday 2 December 19.00 GMT 

New Moon in Sagittarius – Honouring Wisdom through Experience


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