Overcoming Hidden Micro-Stressors

As I wrote previously, ‘Pandemic Flux Syndrome’ and ‘Pandemic Hangover’ will not be going away anytime soon for most of us. So, this time may feel a little ‘odd’ for many of us.


The reason I mention this is because you will try to ‘normalise’ things and much of what is occurring is not ‘normal’ or what we’ve been used to. It’s important to give yourself some space to understand that life is different and people will be acting in non-typical ways.


It’s all ultimately OK of course. However, if you could do with some, here are a few tiny tips that might help in navigating some tricky times ahead.

Focusing on ‘Micro-Stressors.’ 

In the same way that these sayings make completely rational sense;

  • ‘Take care of the pennies and the pounds will take care of themselves’

  • “Don’t sweat the small stuff”

  • “It’s the thought that counts”

I’d like to dd a new one:
“Micro-stressors make mountains from molehills.”

What does that mean?

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Tiny annoyances – Here are some examples;

  • The way someone eats their Christmas pudding pees you off.

  • You wanted to pull the green sparkly cracker, not the blue stripy one.

  • You wanted breast, not leg.

  • Everyone has to pay attention to the Queen’s speech – it’s expected.

  • “Not socks again! Oh well, thanks grannie.”

There are so many tiny annoyances, micro-gripes, mini-moans, little niggles that do something quite insidious to our life experience.

And many of them occur around festive times.

Did you know much of the body’s stress, tension, anxiety, depression and so forth occurs firstly in the tiny micro-muscles and microcirculatory aspects of the body?


I would venture 99.9% (I’m open to debate and correction – though I’ve spent almost 40 years witnessing and experiencing this stuff) 


Just as the foundation of a skyscraper is one single brick or even a grain of cement, so the foundations of debilitating stress are one single thought or judgment that sticks in the energy field or energy system of the body.


Here’s How It Works – But Don’t Take My Word For It – Notice for Yourself ;


One negative (anything) attracts another and they sit together.


Then comes another, attracted by the frequency of the initial negative thoughts.


Their attracting power increases and along come more and more, building your pot of dangerous stress over time until emotional, mental and finally physical and material evidence makes it impossible to ignore. For example, you get dis-ease, or ‘ill-ness.’


So how might we transform this dangerous pattern?


Do we need to take massive steps, find a miracle pill, hire ten therapists simultaneously?

Not at all.


Once we understand that the smallest contribution can begin to turn even the greatest ocean-going liner, we are using our greatest key asset for transformation – the power to change a negative feeling-thought into a real positive feel-good thought.



Reach for something, anything that feels good. It’s often that simple to begin transforming our states of being from negative to positive.

As I type I believe NASA have launched or are planning to launch a test rocket to travel millions of miles to divert the path of an asteroid. This is to to see how that might work as a future earth-collision avoidance strategy.

Tiny movements at the right time to bring about massive results.


Notice how you feel when you’re tense and upset.


Take a deep couple of breaths and notice how the upset begins to deflate.


Tiny moves make massive differences.


In relationships, in work, in life, tiny, incremental improvements are everything.


“A journey of a thousand miles begins with one step.” Lao Tze – Taoism


The relief of all stress begins with one small intent – the simple desire or intent to release stress.


The transformation of all dis-ease begins with one small seed – the desire or intent to be well.


The formation of all material things in the universe begins with one seed – an atom or particle.


So, the smallest of all actions seeds the greatest of all outcomes. What will you seed today?


Wishing you plenty of Ho Ho Ho in the year ahead!

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