Personalised Aromatherapy & Bach Flower Remedy Blends
for You and Your Loved Ones

Paula is an extensively experienced Fully Qualified Aromatherapist and Bach Flower Remedies Therapist for over 20 years. 

She is also is one of very few people in the UK or even worldwide 

who is qualified to blend using Essential Oils and CBD oils.

So you know you’re in safe hands. 

All blends will be personalised, decocted and and shipped to you pronto!

To Order Your Blend Please Email


Aromatherapy benefits

Manage pain.

Improve sleep quality.

Reduce stress, agitation, and anxiety.

Soothe sore joints.

Treat headaches and migraines.

Alleviate side effects of chemotherapy.

Ease discomforts of labor.

Fight bacteria, virus, or fungus.

Bach Flower Remedies 

are a safe and natural method of healing created by Dr. Edward Bach in England in the 1930s. 

They work gently to restore the balance between mind and body by transforming negative emotions such as fear, worry, hatred, and indecision which interfere with your equilibrium and state of wholeness.


Bach Flower Remedies encourage inner peace and wellbeing to return to the user so that the body, mind and emotions heal themselves.

What my clients say…

Having had a complete hip replacement following an accident 7 months ago, I felt that my healing had stalled and that I was left with a permanent limp. I was lucky enough to meet Paula and after just a couple of rehab lessons, and practising at home, I was amazed at the difference. I had a pair of legs again, could walk without a stick and even tie my own shoe laces! This stuff really works!  I have had fluctuating Chronic Fatigue for many years and a bonus has been a noticeable improvement in energy levels.Thank you, Paula!

Mary C. (75)

Had a lovely relaxing head and shoulder massage from the gorgeous Paula Trafford as a birthday treat yesterday. Definitely recommended.

Carol Sampson

Thank you for a wonderful aromatherapy massage. Much needed and appreciated. Good luck with this new venture Paula!! I will certainly recommend you highly.

Sara Bhavani 



An amazing back massage.


I want to take you home.


Paula’s massage is a wonderful way to reconnect with your body and will balance your energies to enable you to cope with your busy life.

Kate T

My verracuae of many years went after three Reflexology treatments with Paula. I have had every treatment she offers and she is a natural born healer. Definitely an essential as well as a luxury, a miracle worker!

Julia PP

A thoroughly relaxing and effective treatment experience. Paula listened to and was in tune with what my body needed combined with luxurious Organic essential oils and tranquil space, I literally floated home!

Claire Fowler – Stressed & busy business woman & Mother of 3.

Paula’s healing hands really did a fantastic job on me, I had the full body massage and aromatherapy facial and it was wonderful! I went in feeling stressed and very jaded, I came out floating on air, I was invigorated and relaxed. The products are gorgeous, my skin still feels baby soft over a week later, and my spots disappeared virtually overnight. Paula creates a soothing relaxed atmosphere where you can really wind down and enjoy the whole experience. I can’t recommend her enough!


Thank you! It was the most delightful massage I’ve ever had. It was a pleasurable, soothing & uplifting experience in an amazingly beautiful space using lots of different styles of massage.


Bliss- Thank you so much, beautiful touch and all-round relaxing ambience.


I have found all of Paula’s treatments deeply relaxing and very supportive to my needs. Her deliciously warm hands, luxurious products and tranquil room are quite frankly, a bit of heaven!


This was my first ever reflexology treatment and I was amazed at the effect that it had on my body. I was not feeling too great when I turned up for my appointment – pain in my colon and a generally feeling of sluggishness. After about 15 mins, the pain in my colon subsided and I started to feel better. The effects of the treatment lasted long after the session. I was amazed at how the problems in my body were mirrored in my feet. Paula worked methodically and with care and I felt deeply relaxed at the end of the treatment. I will definitely have this treatment again and would recommend it to others!



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