“Through Relaxation we discover a whole new way of being.”  Tarthang Tulku Rinpoche

This is a radical sentence. 

In this fuller context, relaxation doesn’t mean, “kick back and watch a movie or two with some popcorn and a few beers or a bottle of red on a Friday night.” 

That’s not relaxation. It is numbing out; perhaps because life is so painful, boring, sad, chaotic, challenging, filled with experiences that hurt or even harm us?

Radical Relaxation invites a letting go of all of that illusory preoccupation, entangled psychology of the head in order to melt into the peaceful bliss and timeless reality of pure awareness. 

On a practical, daily level we learn the art of surrendering to deeper wisdoms and satisfying, wholesome actions that cannot be accessed whilst stress and inner turmoil are at the helm – no matter how ‘in control’ we think we are. 

Relaxation itself is a radical act. 

Effective relaxation changes our old way of being so radically – meaning fundamentally and through to the core – that we are able to experience ourselves and our lives more fully in every way whenever we invest our time to enjoy it.

Radical Relaxation reveals who we are to ourselves. 

Relaxation as we often perceive it – the numbing out version – covers, avoids, hides and ultimately dismisses who we are from ourselves.

Under the covers of shame, guilt and many other negative emotions we endure in order to experience our negative self-image, we are simple, good, loving and lovable, with shadows too. 

Some who follow ‘Law of Attraction’ have heard “It’s as easy to manifest a castle as it is a button.”

My experience tells me its as easy to feel the same joy in a button as in a castle. 

With LoA, for example, it appears to be much about the manifestation. 

With Radical Relaxation it’s more about the fulness of inner peace,  joy and contentment in virtually any moment and space with or without reason.

We’ll be delving deeper into this topic in the future. 

For now, take a step if you haven’t already and come into any of our online classes or courses as they all have, at their core, means to facilitate your very own processes of Radical Relaxation.

Melting your stress, pains and anxieties is a self-compassionate act that will bring radical, gentle and lasting transformation to your internal and external life experience.

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