I’ve been doing lots of deep research and testing the waters of heart energy relaxation recently and I have to say it’s been beautifully revealing.

Coming from an ancestral lineage of males who’d all had heart issues from my dad’s angina to my maternal grandfather’s several heart attacks I decided after a fiery early twenties to seek out paths of inner peace. I thought it would be a wise strategy to start relatively young and perhaps head off any later life issues early.

Having been led some merry dances and fallen down some intriguing rabbit holes I always tend to return to the Tao as the way of inner peace for myself. It works for me. 

If you’re not familiar with Taoism, just google it, or better still, be still – it’s right where you are.

Getting back to the point – heart energy relaxation: With so much daily fear, anxiety and stress in our busy worlds of busy-ness and not much space for anything else, is it any wonder that heart disease is one of the world’s biggest killers?

Is That A Fact?
In the US someone dies every 37 seconds of Cardio-Vascular Disease and someone has a stroke every 40 seconds. These are not good figures for a so-called beacon of freedom and the pursuit of happiness.

According to the WHO, ‘CVD causes more than half of all deaths across the European Region – that’s pretty big.

It causes 46 times the number of deaths and 11 times the disease burden of  AIDS, TB and Malaria combined across the whole of Europe.’

Guess what? 80% – Eighty Percent – of all premature heart disease and stroke is preventable. Eighty in every one hundred do not need to suffer at all.  

So What Are The Causes?

Genetic make-up may be an important factor – although in the field of New Biology, Epigenetics and Mind-Body Energy Medicine it is being discovered and proven that our genetic expression can be transformed by changing thought patterns, doing emotional work and developing positive habitual behaviour. 

I would also like to include that, as the Taoists say, being ‘in harmony with nature’ is a pretty useful way of living too.   

Who is most at risk? 

The usual suspects, I’m sad to say; working class / ‘underclass’ males between 20-64 years old usually struggle with this issue more than most. 

Harmful stress caused by mental issues is also a significant contributor, alongside obesity, inactivity, smoking, drinking, diabetes and urbanisation.

So goodness knows what’s going to happen to those results after these ‘covid-consciousness’-dominated times.

The thing is, at least 80% of this is preventable

That figure alone staggers me and should probably make you sit up and listen too whilst stubbing your fag out, switching off the daytime tv, schlepping your half-finished glass of vino down the carpet and giving your half-eaten donut to the dog [No! Not the dog. Donuts are dangerous for dogs, what are you thinking?]

Seriously, what is the real cause of this heart-focused pandemic and where does it start?


I’m going to say something  that you may disagree with here – IT DOESN’T MATTER.



Yes, seriously.

If you’re being tossed to and fro in the choppy sea it doesn’t matter one iota how you came to fall out of the bloody boat in the first place, Sherlock, what matters is that you grasp that floating log right now and swim to shore. Work things out later. 

Don’t waste time. 

There is none.

But there is a cure and it exists in your ability to tune into your heart. 

Deep in your heart sits your connection to all the wonders of the universe, you will never hunger again once you find it. 

A bold claim indeed. Yet all religions and philosophies and common senses point directly to this way – hidden in plain sight.


According to Dr Rollin McCraty of the Heartmath Institute discussing non-local intuition as received ad processed by your heart; The heart has access to information outside the boundaries of time and space. It’s been proven beyond a shadow of a doubt.”


My main point is this – let’s begin today, right now in fact, because right now is the only time that actually exists. It’s the only place from which we can actually affect anything.

Begin with this, for two to three minutes Just Sit Quietly and Listen To Your Heart.

Then, look for my Tuesday Evening online 20 Minute Heart Energy Guided Relaxations. 


Check the Online Classes Schedule 


See you there, we’ll get to have a real, genuine heart-to-heart.

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