Testimonials from Class & Course Attendees


“When I came across Poala’s way of teaching Kum Nye, it really resonated with me.

It is such a beautiful yet powerful and gentle way of balancing mind and body, simply through breath, movement and stillness.

I am truly grateful for Paola creating daily classes as they really set you up for the day ahead and have helped me cope with all the extra pressures and demands that Covid has brought into all of our lives. Each week is full of words of wisdom and tips to help you to continue practicing from anywhere and at anytime on your own.

It’s now not possible for me to imagine life without Kum Nye. Mags


Kum Nye – “A life Changing Practice” 


“I began Kum Nye a few years ago, but only ever once a week as a lot of people I know do. 

 I had an ongoing hip and lower back issue that I just couldn’t seem to shift or get real relief from. I tried all sorts of therapies and exercise and whilst a lot helped, I was always left feeling disappointed as I knew it still wasn’t right.

Whilst I thought Kum Nye was a lovely practice and I felt went well with Pilates and my meditation, that was kind of it …. until lockdown!


I like millions of people jumped onto Zoom and really by default began practicing Kum Nye 5 days a week with Paola and then doing at least another hour a day myself. 


Within a few weeks I was really starting to see massive benefits from Kum Nye, the slow pace of the movement allows you to feel and understand the body, to listen to what it needs, to listen from within. I realised just how detached from my body I had become. I hadn’t connected with some of these muscles for years. Realising the holding onto injury and emotional blockages I could actually connect and heal. Some of the classes were mind blowing – floods of tears, relief, relaxation, releasing and a re- building with strength and vitality from harnessing the energy that flows within us all. I declared at that moment that I wanted to teach Kum Nye!


As well as the obvious fitness and strength Kum Nye brings, the mind, body, spirit connection is the most transformative I have ever experienced. The fact that we can heal ourselves from the inside out. 



Fast forward to 16 days ago, I had a rather unfortunate water- skiing accident, tore my hamstring and my opposite groin (amongst other things) A diagonal – splits! I went straight to kum nye and whilst I couldn’t really sit, practiced as best I could. The first class I cried most of the way through (allowing the emotional releases to flow) and then slowly and gently connected with the areas that needed attention. As often as I could I began to go inward (standing at the counter in the kitchen, standing in a queue, on the telephone) you name it. But I used Kum Nye to focus on reversing the accident, it was amazing, with the power of the breath it was like the body knew what to do, the releases of tension were staggering. 


I am now 16 days on, each day gets a little easier and I thank Kum Nye each day as had I not been so fit and in touch with my body, I feel it could have been a LOT worse.


Rachel – Malvern




“Both Paola and Craig are amazing teachers – they complement each other very well. 

I especially like the Zoom class banter during Energy Medicine pilates!”


“Craig’s Energy Medicine class is a wealth of information and so easy to integrate into daily life” 



“I declared at that moment that I wanted to teach Kum Nye”




“Every woman should practice Pilates, I wish I had started in my 20’s”



“Thank you Paola…… for waking me up”




“Just ten weeks ago I was seriously ill in hospital… 

 Ive been taking Paula’s Pilates classes for the last month and have noticed a significant improvement in my core strength and balance as a direct result. Paula’s classes have certainly contributed to my full recovery, and that’s all the more remarkable because I live the other side of the world in Victoria, Western Canada and am only able to attend on Zoom!   DC  29th April 2020



“Hello – want to encourage you to give these wonderful on-line classes that Paula Trafford is leading a go.  

It’s not an exaggeration to say that they are changing my life.  The daily Kum Nye is releasing energy blocks for me in a way that means I am doing more with my life now that I have much more physical energy and the enthusiasm to do it.   And i am feeling more joy in my life, noticing more of the wonder around me.  the classes have awoken me from my inertia, such a fabulous gift.”  Thank you.  SS  27th April 2020



“Thanks for this week’s sessions – I have enjoyed them all. 

I particularly enjoyed the Wednesday Energy Medicine Pilates session.” A.  May 2020


I just wanted to say thank you for making your Kum Nye classes accessible to me.  The 5 class block payment system enables me to enjoy your classes every day of the (working) week, and it is lovely to know I can practice daily without worrying about whether I can afford it. Very generous and much appreciated. A



Kum Nye Retreat Day 

Thank you and your fellow teachers for a great day. Both body and mind feeling absolutely wonderful.
Having the opportunity to practice almost every day has been a great way to get into Kum Nye, but practising for several hours in one day really makes a big difference…

I was interested to read, in Tibetan Relaxation, that in the West there is a tendency to expect teachers to provide all the answers, whilst in the East teachers do not express any knowledge until the student reaches a point of understanding; I’ll use early Monday morning to develop that. I hope that you are considering continuing the 7.30 Kum Nye Zoom classes after the lockdown endsI am sure they will remain popular.


‘I have practised Pilates for almost twenty years and have, in recent months, begun to explore Yoga from both a mind and a body perspective.  I was not immediately drawn to Kum Nye, but had the opportunity to explore it for the first time through an online class, following the lockdown.  I was immediately impressed, by both Paula as a teacher, as well as the combined mindful and physical rewards of Kum Nye as a practice, experiencing a wonderful feeling in both mind and body during and after every class.  I am enjoying the opportunity to develop my understanding of Kum Nye through Paula, together with other teachers with whom she collaborates, by joining her early morning classes and weekend workshops. John M in Malvern.’ JM

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