Exciting, Nerve-Tingling Tuesday!


Energy Medicine Education

Craig (that’s me) hosted our very first Energy Medicine Education [EnMedEd] class. 

EnMedEd is 4.30pm – 5.00pm every Tuesday until further notice.

Apart from a dodgy ‘video-not-showing’ moment in the first few minutes the session went well. Attendees were so kind that they didn’t even let me know they were simply watching me enjoy the video for whole minute before Paula piped up with, “We can’t see anything.” 

All I can say is we attract a truly patient audience. Thanks folks.

In the En Med Ed classes I am introducing from a variety of perspectives the World of Energy, Energy Medicine, the Human Subtle Energy System and its interactions with the Subtle Energy Field of our Universe.It’s a different kind of education than we’re perhaps used to. Some words will never be able to describe the wonders locked inside our incredible bodies and awaiting us in the unknown universe. So reflection on your own experience of the class material and the techniques is essential in order to create your own connections and draw your own conclusions.

However, the main intent of the course is to simplify the topic of subtle energy and show how we can know it, apply and direct it in our daily lives to address problems and issues such as 

  • pain
  • disturbing emotions
  • unwanted life circumstances
  • relationship struggles
  • negative thought patterns
  • limiting beliefs
  • money difficulties
  • and other stuck energy or energy disruptions in our bodies and lives.

We then practice how to apply the learning to our real life situations until the techniques become second nature.


It all helps with rewiring consciousness and the brain, body and energy fields to process incoming data in new ways. 

This process acts as the key to transforming your life for the better. 

In the brain, for example, it’s actually healthy to destroy bad neural connections and strengthen empowering ones. The same with old, stagnant emotions and traumatised energy fields. 

In this way, you open yourself up to new experiences and novel states of consciousness. This means you take charge of your own interaction with the whole universe rather than your conditioning or external influences determining your life for you.      

We can choose our thoughts and the degrees of attention we decide to focus on certain emotions. Therefore, changing our beliefs – a belief is a thought we keep thinking – can have a profound effect on how we process data and experience the information we call life.

More importantly, transforming our energy flow, removing disruptions that may have affected us for decades, can determine how our lives take shape and manifest in every department. We can, in this way, more readily create the person we wish to become and the life we truly want to live.

Join us each Tuesday at 4.30pm, Wednesday 9.30am for Energy Medicine Pilates, Thursday 4.00pm for En Med and EFT Praxis.  Each class [also available by class pass] is a standalone or you can string them together for deeper weekly immersion, impact and integration. 

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