Our 'Trusted Tribes'


People with whom we have done business, or whose products we have been delighted with, or whose ethos we share, who add value...

We’ve either enjoyed or loved or been moved or inspired in some way by everyone or every company on this page.


We decided it was time to add people whose work, or presence, or whatever it is they are shining, to a page where we could express our trust in what they do, who they are, and how they’ve made us feel.


So here is that page and those links if you’re interested…


Go check them out and discover them for yourself.


We’re not really interested in agreeing with anyone here as our experiences have been entirely our own.

The List:

IMax Jones - Malvern Artist

We love Ivan’s work for reasons beyond words, really.


It speaks directly into the heart.



We find his work exquisite and to be honest there are not many artists, in our humble experience, who can elevate the beauty of the malvern hills and other landscapes in the way Ivan does.


It’s about time his wonderful work receives the recognition it deserves…


But he’s more than a landscape artist, his abstracts are mind-blowing  too – checkout his incredible collection here: 






Oooh look – he’s got an exhibition coming too…


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