Emotional and Mental Wellbeing

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Stress and Trauma mostly have their roots in your past, your conditioning, and early life events.

If you consistently  experience negative thought patterns, habits, behaviours and emotions you’ll continue to  manifest unwanted results in your life. 

In turn, what you get is negative life outcomes and habitual behaviours that don’t serve you. You lack fulfilment in your health, relationship or prosperity desires.

You feel bad and your life feels bad.

Your Stress and Trauma symptoms can be activated, triggered and amplified by your current circumstances, situations, people or events.


However, when you join us and start applying simple and gentle, non-invasive practical techniques you’ll instantly notice something different. Our practice can help you relieve, reduce and even remove root causes and contributors to your Stress, Anxieties and Traumas.


You can live a fulfilling and totally satisfying life.

You have work to do, progress to make, and dreams to real-ise.

Start today.  
  • If not now, then when?
  • If not here, then where? 
  • If not you, then who?

Calm, Relaxations, Energy Healing, Kum Nye Tibetan Yoga, Kinesiology, Stress Therapy, and EFT-Tapping can gently, safely and rapidly Transform Your Life.


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 ‘Ten Minute Tap’ is a series of short daily Tapping experiences created during lockdown#1 in the UK. It is designed to help you de-stress in a quick ten minute period using only your fingers to TAP on certain parts of your face and chest. Along with ‘Havening’ this simple process is beginning to gain wider mainstream wellbeing acceptance.


You can search and Tap along HERE

Are You a NHS Worker? 

Please contact us – with your NHS ID / details – to see what online support we can offer you during particularly stressful times. We have qualified expertise and proven practical processes based on our combined 70 years experience of natural, complementary emotional/mental wellbeing.

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