Your Wellbeing Training Delivery Options

Video / Livestream

Interactive Learning via our Online Platform: Trafford House Calm Centre 

Bespoke Video Courses

Or a combination of both. 

You know your preferred learning mediums, we are a multimedia company tailored to suit you.

Written Materials

IF desired, we can provide you with written materials and resources in the form of workbooks, checklists and progress logs. Just ask us.


We also offer individual programmes as some participants prefer or benefit from deeper individual study.


We like to serve you where you are.


For anyone who likes to reinforce their own learning through audio, such as recapping information on the daily commute or even in the bath.

We are happy to transfer video or live-streamed training onto audio as an added service.

Audios can be provided via instant MP3 downloads to your phone, tablet or laptop.


We use email primarily for communicating with and supporting you.


However, we’ve also found that some clients like to study via short, episodic email courses. 


So this is another way we provide the help that’s needed to teach you the techniques that support your wellbeing


With most people we have found mixed media to be the most popular approach, enabling clients to cherry-pick according to their optimum learning styles.

All this makes for faster immersion, successful retention and resourceful implementation.

Whilst this is a premium delivery method, it’s also the most successful of contemporary learning and training methods.

PS. Did we mention, we also teach live?

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